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Companies and customers co-exist. Without any customer, no company can survive and on the other hand, if there is no need, want or desire of the customers, there will be no need of company. So, companies market their products and services to customers and customers need products and services to fulfil their needs, wants and desires. To obtain a better relationship with customers, companies need to make themselves strong yet humble in nature and continuously try to improve for better. This will enhance them to gain customer loyalty, customer retention and gaining more customers.

In this cut-throat market today, where each company is trying best to survive itself in customers’ minds. Doing SWOT analysis (identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) from time to time, making use of proper resources, implementing extraordinary tools and techniques of marketing has become the need of the hour to create POD (Point of Difference) among the competitors and stand out of the line in the market. The company needs to drive customers through various forms of branding. Emotional branding is turning out to be the latest version of branding in the market. Emotional branding is connecting company’s products and services with different forms of emotions of the customers.

Driving customers through emotional branding is a great challenge before companies which need to be sorted in a smart and intelligent way. Emotional branding is much more difficult to obtain in a society where customers are becoming more and more aware of their as well as market’s environment. Thus, it has become hard to attract customers to a brand emotionally, be it traditionally.

The use of emotional branding has to be critically implemented. All customers are different, their behaviour is different, they handle emotions in a different way, they hold different opinions upon the same circumstances or situations. So, if one says that same type of emotional branding goes with all, it is purely incorrect. It has to be understood that dealing with customers one at a time will though be beneficial but really time consuming. And at the same time, thinking to connect to like-minded people need a proper road map and highly convincing manpower.

Today, in digital era, there are various modes of communication available and various modes of connecting with customers. Through social media widely available, a company can try to establish its brand as the supreme brand. That emotional connect can be made by using “well defined” posters, “self-defined” logos, and ”meaningful” statements. Reaching a large number of customers to bring out an idea and getting feedback from them is becoming useful to survive in the market and shine among the competitors.


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