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With the advent of technology, mobile has become an essential part of human life. With the advent of technology, CRM is being embedded with mobile devices. This Mobile CRM (M-CRM) is becoming a trend. When a customer and company gets on mobile CRM app, they can interact with each other at real time basis and problems or issues of customers can be solved instantly. It is easily available and easily accessible. As we know, services play an important role in today's marketing style. When right services are provided at right time at just a tap of finger, the satisfaction level of customers rises up. This enhances the sale productivity of the company as well as helps company to emerge as a trusted band for the customers. This advantage has led to a competitive edge among the companies in the market. In mobile CRM solution, some factors need to be considered that include employee buy-in, ease of deployment, ease of use, security, user experience and advanced feature set. Today's M-CRM solutions work on BlackBerry smartphones and tablets, Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, Windows phones and other web-enabled mobile devices.


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Traditionally, concept of marketing was just confined to selling of product or service, that is, selling whatever the firm needed to. Little heed was paid to influence buying decision of customers. Somewhere or the other, the reason was lack or little competition in the market. With the evolving time, competition increased and many firms rose in the market providing homogeneous and heterogeneous products. It became hard to attain greater profits and stand out in the market. To differentiate itself from others, a firm needed to adopt such strategy by which customer loyalty would increase leading to greater sales and greater profits. The market, till now, was product-focused and now was the era of customer-focused market.
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